Saturday, June 20, 2009

City Girl Meets Country Deer

Last weekend, my husband and I went to a wedding near his hometown of Toledo and stayed with friends in the country. I find that as I age, I have become less of a fan of the country. In fact, I become fearful for my life during country nights. I believe it all started a few years ago when my husband put me on “Deer Watch” on the way to our friends’ home one night. As I perched on the edge of my seat scanning the road and woods for those four legged fiends, a clear picture of what an assault by them might look like formed…

A doe darts up to the car, which brakes to avoid hitting her. She trots over to the passenger side and scans the interior with her beady deer eyes. Her deer nostrils flare as her deer breath fogs the window. She raises her deer hoof in anger and with a wretched deer noise, breaks the window. Her deer legs are flailing as she tries to crush me in my seat. Of course, I was not free of this terror when “safe” in bed on the second floor. No, the deer might jump through the window and attack.

Fortunately, our only interaction with aggressive wildlife was with the bird who flew into my side of the car on the way to the reception.

I have never been happier to return to the safety of the east side. But alas, we were greeted with a validation of my fear as I discovered that a poor pooch had been attacked in her own Bloomington backyard! Thankfully, my city deer sightings have been few, and I can relax as I drive through the city


  1. Bakary once saw a deer walking down our decidedly urban street. Beware!

  2. Yikes! Was it really necessary to share that with me?